09 - Premium Rate Numbers

09 numbers in the United Kingdom are used for premium-rate services. They are the most expensive numbers to call in the United Kingdom.
They are regulated by PhonepayPlus (formerly known as ICSTIS), with a number of regulations governing their use.
The cost of calling 09 numbers varies widely, some having a high fixed price per call, others having a high pence-per-minute rate.
The call cost is typically from 9p per minute to £1.69 per minute from a BT land line, while other land line providers may charge up to £2.60 per minute.
Calling 09 numbers from a mobile phone typically costs between 50p and £2.50 - either per minute or per call.
A list of 09 codes.

Common uses of 09 numbers are:

  • Competitions
  • Television Voting
  • Horoscopes
  • Chat Lines
  • Adult Lines
  • Recorded Information
  • Professional Advice Services