PhonepayPlus is a regulatory body in the United Kingdom, which oversees premium rate phone numbers.
Premium rate numbers are numbers through which premium rate goods and services can be acquired or accessed by charging the cost to one's phone bill or pre-pay phone account.
PhonepayPlus was formerly known as ICSTIS, and was founded by a group of telecoms providers in response to criticism of the way premium rate phone numbers were being operated.
They set out a Code of Practice for organizations providing premium rate services, and also investigate complaints relating to premium-rate services. It has powers to fine companies responsible for violating its Code of Practice.
The Code of Prcatice stipulates that pricing information must be clear and accurate, advertising and service content must be honest, and promotions must be appropriate and targeted.
More info may be found on the PhonepayPlus website here.

PhonepayPlus regulates numbers beginning with the following codes:

  • 09
  • 118
  • 0871
  • 0872
  • 0873
  • 070