08 Numbers

In the United Kingdom, 08 numbers are classified as 'Non-geographic numbers', as they are not linked to any particular location.
A list of 08 codes.
There are three general categories of 08 number:

0800 and 0808 - Freephone Numbers

0800 and 0808 numbers are used for freephone services in the United Kingdom.
They are usually in the format of 0800 xxx xxxx or 0808 xxx xxxx, with a total of 10 digits after the trunk code (the initial '0').
However, some older 0800 numbers allocated before PhONEday, in April 1995, are in the format 0800 xxxxxx, so they only have 9 digits after the trunk code.
There is one special short 0800 number - the number for the charity Childline, which is 0800 1111.
0800 and 0808 numbers are normally free to call from a land line, but are often not free when called from a mobile phone, in which case the charge is typically from 14p to 40p per minute.
If a charge is to be levied, the operator must inform the caller before the call is connected.

Other freephone numbers in the United Kingdom are 0500 numbers.

084 and 087 Numbers - Fixed and Special Rate Numbers

These numbers are charged at a higher rate than geographic numbers. Some of the revenue goes to the telecommunications provider that receives the call. This company then usually shares some of this revenue with the subscriber - either in cash or in services associated with managing the number, for example number redirection or call queueing.

The numbers are categorized as follows:

082 and 089 - Internet For Schools and Inbound Routing Numbers

Numbers beginning 082 and 089 are allocated to 'Internet for Schools' services and 'Inbound routing codes'.
See the following table for formatting data:

0820 xxx xxxx Internet for Schools
0899 9xx xxxx Inbound routing codes

For more information on these numbers see the pages on 082 numbers and 089 numbers.