0844 Numbers

0844 numbers are categorized as "Special Services: Basic Rate" numbers.
Beware, as unlike 0845 numbers, they are never included in free minutes from the telecoms provider.
They are typically used by businesses for sales, enquiry and customer service lines. They are also sometimes used for pay-per-minute internet services.
The cost of calling 0844 numbers can be up to 13p per minute from a land line, and up to 41p per minute from a mobile phone. The calling cost varies with the telecoms provider and the individual number.
Most of the money paid by the caller is passed on to the receiving telecoms provider.
0844 numbers cannot be described as 'local rate' numbers, and the Advertising Standards Authority can take action against companies that describe them as such.

Other dialling codes that operate in a similar fashion are 0843 and 0842 numbers.

0844 numbers can begin as follows:

  • 08440
  • 08442
  • 08443
  • 08444
  • 08445
  • 08446
  • 08447
  • 08448
  • 08449

The correct way to write telephone numbers beginning 0844 is in the format <b>0844 xxx xxxx

A table of the code allocations for numbers starting 0844 is available