07 Numbers

07 numbers in the United Kingdom fall into 2 general categories:

07 - Mobile Phone Numbers

07 numbers are used for mobile telephones in the United Kingdom.
Exceptions to this are numbers beginning 070 and 076 (not including 07624, used for mobile phones on the Isle of Man).
Including the '07', mobile phone numbers are 11 digits long.
They are charged at up to 32p per minute from BT land lines, and typically at up to 40p per minute from other mobile phones.
When dialling from a mobile phone, calls to other mobile phones are usually included in free bundled minutes, but this is not normally the case when dialling from a land line.
Previously, it was possible to ascertain the operator of a mobile phone number from the mobile phone code, but now mobile numbers are portable between operators (meaning customers can move to a different operator and retain their number), so it is no longer possible to be sure who the operator is from the code.
More information on individual 07 mobile phone numbers can be found by browsing the mobile phone code list.

The different 07 mobile number formats are as follows:

074xx xxxxxx
075xx xxxxxx
07624 xxxxxx
077xx xxxxxx
078xx xxxxxx
079xx xxxxxx
Mobile phones
(07624 is used exclusively for the Isle of Man)
07911 2xxxxx
07911 8xxxxx
WiFi Numbers

070 and 076 - Pagers and Personal Numbering

Numbers beginning 070 and 076 are similar in appearance to mobile phone numbers.
However, this appearance is deceptive, as they are in fact premium-rate phone numbers, and calls to these numbers are usually charged at a much higher rate than calls to mobile phone numbers.
Calls to 070 and 076 numbers can cost up to 52p per minute from a land line, and between 30p and £1.50 per minute from a mobile phone.

They are categorized as follows:

070 xxxx xxxx Personal numbers.
These can be used by individuals to have calls diverted from another number.
They can also be sold on a one-off basis, for example to people who are selling a used car and do not wish to advertise their mobile phone number.
076 xxxx xxxx Pagers.
(With the exception of the dialling code 07624, which is used for mobile phones on the Isle of Man).

For more information see the pages on 070 numbers and 076 numbers.